Kaii founded Alexandria K in 2019 and incorporated in 2020. She has always had a love for jewelry, fashion and business. She wanted to create a brand that reflected her passions while also being inclusive and empowering for all women.

Kaii saw jewelry as a great way to express herself and her style and noticed other people felt the same way. This inspired her to create a brand to help people express their true selves. Jewelry is something that is so simple but can easily elevate an outfit or transform any look.

As a young working professional, Kaii loved high-quality and expensive jewelry but hated the price tag. She wanted jewelry she could wear daily that wouldn't break the bank. She realized she could create a brand that embodied everything she believed in, without sacrificing quality and charging a fair price. That is when Alexandria K was born.

Alexandria K is designed with all women in mind, whether you are a working professional, stay at home mom, or a college student. We offer elegant and minimalist necklaces at a price that is meant for everyday wear. Each piece can be worn alone, layered, casually or as a dressy piece. The options are unlimited.

blonde white women wearing a gold herringbone choker, a gold coin necklace, and a gold paperclip necklace layered. She's looking at the camera and smiling wearing a pink shirt during golden hour.

Alexandria K strives to make all women feel confident and empowered, which is why we consistently choose to be more than a jewelry brand. Our mission is to ensure all women look and feel their best, by ensuring any of our timeless pieces will elevate their look.

mgold irror laying face up with two roses on it and a gold herringbone choker, gold curb chain, and a coin necklace

Our team is committed to supporting you through every purchase you make by having a dedicated customer support team available to answer any requests, ranging from product selection advice to order updates.

Additionally, we offer a hassle-free return process, which ensures you will always be 100% satisfied with your purchase, your shopping experience, and with the overall service provided to you by Alexandria K.

Giving back has always been an important part of Kaii's life, so she found a way to incorporate that aspect into her business. Every month, Kaii will select a charity of her choosing and will donate a portion of the Alexandria K's profits to that charity in order to pay it forward.

With love,


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